Chapter Seven - Lessons from Religion

Religion can be linked as the cause of several wars. Yet wars do not all contain blood shed and carnage, they can also be waged through oppression, ridicule or isolation as in war of words, war of wills, or war of beliefs. Why is one belief or one person, superior to another?


Chapter Eight - Authority and Politics

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Examines the emotional turmoil that may result from our thoughts of, or dealings with, those in authority and politics.


Chapter Nine - Unhappy? Why are you really?

Provides reflective guidance into recurring cycles of unhappiness.


Chapter Ten - Bosses, will always be bosses

Stories about bosses, interchangeable for our purposes with the word customers, are not hard to generate, both good and bad. This chapter examines the realities of these relationships. Key points: Attila the Hun; Dilbert; Good worker gone bad.


Chapter Eleven - Stand Up For Yourself

There are plenty of people who live their lives taking pleasure in belittling or controlling others. This may be a little bit of a cliché but if you don’t, who will? Key points: Vision; Art of War; choices; don’t make a scene.


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